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Hybrid Health is the #1 Boise massage therapy center with a client-focused approach and highly effective treatments. We offer a multitude of massages such as myofascial release, prenatal massage, sports massage, intra-oral massage, etc.

Tips for choosing the best massage therapy provider

Before you looking for the massage place in your area, determine your needs first. Choose a masseuse or massage parlor that specializes in offering a specific type of treatment such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, etc.

Also, look for licensed masseuse or massage centers in your area to get the best value for your money. Furthermore, ask your friends, colleagues, and physical therapist for recommendations to land at the best massage parlor in your area. Lastly, check their reviews online to get a rough idea about their services, prices, discounts, the experience of their therapists, and other details.

How much does a massage session cost?

On average, the cost of massage therapy can cost anywhere from $80 – $120. Your location, type of massage you choose, the experience of the masseuse can all play a role in determining the price for your massage therapy session.

Our massage therapy session for first-time clients includes assessment, treatment, and consultation for a variety of health issues, at the end of which we offer 90-minute lengthy massage therapy. We charge only $80 for your first-time massage therapy with us. Besides, at our Boise massage therapy center, we also offer kinesiotape consultation, prenatal massage, and corrective exercise sessions at affordable prices.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is an ancient practice that acts as alternative medicine and helps treat a variety of health ailments. Some of the crucial benefits of therapeutic massage include:

  1. Helps overcome posture problems – Most individuals work in a 9-6 desk job, which can lead to postural stress, neck and back pains, sore muscles, etc. These forms of pain, when left untreated, can advance into more serious issues and cause severely impair physical wellness and mobility. Massage therapy alleviates the tension and stress from your back, neck, and shoulders, and heals the sore muscles. It improves blood circulation in your muscles and allows you to sleep better.
  2. It eases muscle pain – Massage therapy improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, improves range of motion in your limbs, and helps overcome pain. If you suffer from chronic pain-related conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis, regular massage therapy can reduce your dependence on prescription medications to overcome pain. It can heal your muscle and joint injuries and improve mobility. It also helps you overcome pain-related insomnia and offers lasting relief from discomfort.
  3. Helps overcome psychological disorders – Most Americans suffer from conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. Massage therapy helps calm the mind, body, and soul, and acts as a stress-buster. Taking time to unwind at least once a week, offers not only deep relaxation but also promotes mental wellness. Massage therapy also improves focus, concentration, and cognitive abilities.

For more details on our massage therapies and to book appointments, visit Hybrid Health is a leading Boise massage therapy center with a unique treatment approach and highly rewarding patient outcomes.

Boise Massage Therapy

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