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Colon Cancer Surgery Ellicott City Maryland

Colon Cancer Surgery Ellicott City Maryland

Types of Colon Cancer Surgeries

At Colon Rectal Surgical Associates (CRSA), we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced treatment options for colon cancer. The type of surgery we recommend often depends on the size, location, and stage of the cancer. Among the most common surgeries we perform are:

  • Laparoscopic Surgery: A minimally invasive technique that allows for smaller incisions and potentially quicker recovery times.
  • Open Surgery: Traditional surgery involving a larger incision to remove the cancerous part of the colon.
  • Partial Colectomy: Removal of part of the colon that contains cancer cells, along with a margin of normal tissue on either side to ensure all cancer is removed.
  • Total Colectomy: Complete removal of the colon, used in specific circumstances dictated by the spread and nature of the cancer.

Benefits of Colon Cancer Surgery

Surgery for colon cancer aims to remove cancerous cells and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Benefits include:

  • Reducing symptoms caused by cancer such as pain or blockages.
  • Potentially curing cancer if it is detected at an early stage.
  • Preventing cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

Risks and Complications of Colon Cancer Surgery

While colon cancer surgery can be life-saving, it does carry some risks, such as:

  • Infections at the incision site or internally.
  • Bleeding during or after surgery.
  • Complications related to anesthesia.
  • Changes in bowel habits or bowel obstructions.

We ensure our patients are fully informed of both the benefits and risks, allowing for a comprehensive and informed decision-making process.

Choosing a Surgeon for Colon Cancer Surgery in Ellicott City, Maryland

When looking for a surgeon in Ellicott City, Maryland, it’s crucial to choose someone with extensive experience and specialization in colon and rectal surgery. At CRSA, our team, led by Dr. James Zalucki and Dr. Vincent Cifello, specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques, providing advanced care tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Recovery Process after Colon Cancer Surgery

Recovery varies depending on the type of surgery performed and the individual’s overall health. Our team provides comprehensive care, including:

  • Post-operative pain management.
  • Nutritional guidance to support healing.
  • Physical activity recommendations to aid in recovery.

Patient education is a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring you know what to expect and how to best support your healing process.

Follow-up Care after Colon Cancer Surgery

Follow-up care is essential to monitor for any signs of cancer recurrence and manage any long-term effects of surgery. Our follow-up care includes:

  • Regular physical exams and screenings.
  • Monitoring for any changes in health.
  • Coordination with other healthcare providers for comprehensive care.

We maintain robust lines of communication with our patients, ensuring they feel supported every step of the way.

Cost of Colon Cancer Surgery in Ellicott City, Maryland

The cost of colon cancer surgery can vary based on the type of procedure, the patient’s insurance coverage, and other factors. At CRSA, we understand that financial considerations are important for our patients. We work closely with patients to provide cost estimates and navigate insurance benefits to ensure that financial concerns do not stand in the way of receiving necessary care.

At Colon Rectal Surgical Associates, our mission extends beyond simply providing surgical services; we are dedicated to delivering compassionate, comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs. Our team’s expertise, combined with a patient-centered approach, ensures that individuals undergoing colon cancer surgery in Ellicott City, Maryland, receive the highest standard of care. For those considering their options for colon cancer treatment, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about how we can support your health and recovery.

Colon Cancer Surgery Ellicott City Maryland

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CRSA is one of the largest specialized groups of its kind in the state of Maryland. We’re committed to delivering superior, compassionate care to patients in the Baltimore area, including Howard County and Anne Arundel County. Dr. James Zalucki, Dr. Vincent Cifello, and our staff use the best and most up-to-date techniques available in our field; we place particular focus on educating our patients and on communicating effectively with healthcare providers, in order to facilitate the best outcomes.


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